Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Postcards #11

Today's postcard was sent from Tain.  Tain is located in the Highlands of Scotland, on the North Sea Coast, on Dornoch Firth:

"The origin of the name "Tain" is uncertain and may be derived from the pre-Celtic name for the nearby River Tain. The origin of the town's Gaelic name is however quite clear;Baile Dubhthaich, meaning 'Duthac's town' after the saint of this name, also known as Duthus." (care of Wikipedia - the whole article is here).

Tain was granted royal charter in 1066, making it Scotland's oldest Royal Burgh (also from the Wikipedia article).  A large aerodrome was built here in the 1930s and was home to many airmen during WWII.

This post card was sent October 21, 1909 from Tain to Jack in Nairn - not too very far away, really - just across a peninsula and Moray Firth - I'm starting to understand where Colin Firth's name comes from).  The text reads:  "I got back once again + feeling alright what do you think of High St. Did not see J (?) yet but will write you when I do .  Remember me to all at home.  Your old cheer (chum?)" illegible signature.  

The mark WR&S is on this card as it was on numbers 2 and 7 as well.  I thought I wrote about them earlier, but I can't find that reference, so I may repeat myself.  WR&S (William Ritchie and Sons) was an Edinburgh firm that produced a lot of postcards at this time - all of these ones are the "Reliable Series."  They also put out albums of postcards for purchase.

The front of the card is of High Street in Tain.  Love to see the photos with the dresses, top hats, bicycles and such.  

Here's how Google Street View has it today:

Hasn't changed much, has it.  I want to go visit these places.

Misty Morning

There are some bad things about getting up at 4am to drive people to the airport.  But there are some WONDERFUL things, too.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Etsy Postings - Idiot's Delight

This pattern is of Byzantine origin and is called "Idiot's Delight" - not sure if it's because idiots make it or like to look at it.  In any case, I found some cool silvered and enamelled copper links that make these very colourful - the coloured bracelets are shinier than the blue/green picture shows.  I can probably make them in any colour you want - dependant on what's available.



Postcards #10 - Madeira

Addressed to Mr. J. McCurrach (Jack) of 9 Roseneath Terrace, Nairn, this postcard is of the church in Monte, but the postmark is unreadable (to me - anyone else know what it is?) and the stamp is a British Half Penny, so I think it may have been sent from England.  So no knowing whether this person went to Madeira or not.

The text written on the front of the card reads: "Dear J.  We were sorry we did not see you before we left Nairn the last day we were there.  I am so busy just now that I forgot it was my turn to send a post-card.  What miserable weather.  Sarah"

From what Sarah (don't know who she was) wrote, it would seem that Jack (as well as his mother and other members of the family) was caught up in the craze of the day:  postcard writing.  Obviously there were many more postcards from Sarah that no longer are in the collection.  I wonder how many went missing over the years.  And I'm so grateful that my great-grandparents and my grandmother held on to these ones.

Anyhow - Madeira, for those of you who don't know, is an island owned by Portugal, but it's actually closer to Africa - and southeast of the Azores.  The small village of Monte is located on the island, and the Church of Nossa Sinhora Do Monte ("Our Lady of the Mountain" - the building pictured on the postcard) is a major tourist attraction there.

Built on the foundations of an old chapel, the church was constructed in 1741 and damaged by an earthquake in 1748.  The island became and continues to be a destination for tourists.  But was Sarah one of them?  I hope so.  Just because travelling is a wonderful thing to do.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Postcards #9 - St. Andrews Castle

Today's postcard was sent to Mrs. McCurrach at 9 Roseneath Terrace in Nairn, Scotland from someone who signed "M. McJ" - maybe it's a "J", could be an I or a P.

It was sent from Nairn on August 10, 1909 at 9am - so it was sent to and from the same town.

This is confusing, but better explained when you read the text - and remember that most people did not have telephones back then (a stamp cost half a penny at the time):  "I shall send 3 pints currants on Tuesday with Baker.  Please call there for them.  These are all I have to share now all well."

Things like this make me think of how little we would communicate if we had to consciously put a stamp on every e-mail or Facebook post - and how much we actually communicate in this day and age - electronically, not personally.  (As an aside, I HATE black currants!)

Well, as you can see, the picture is of St. Andrews Castle - a 13th-century Medieval castle that served to house the bishops and archbishops of St. Andrews.  Located on the east coast of Scotland, south of Aberdeen and north of Edinburgh, St. Andrews is probably best known for its golf course.  

Smokey Sunset

There is a lot of smoke in Alberta right now from the fires in the Northwest Territories.  Global warming is taking it's toll everywhere.

It is a sad situation, but it made for a spectacular sunset last night.